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March 22, 2017
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April 19, 2017

How to Save Money on Website Hosting

Save Money - Best Website Hosting

We recently did an audit of many of those accounts we take for granted — the ones we put on auto-pilot. One of the accounts we reviewed was our website hosting provider. Once you find an excellent website host, you don’t want to change things. Finding that provider is never easy. We love ours.

We also love saving money and wanted to find ways to whittle down the annual expense of hosting all the websites we currently own and operate.

Trimming Down the Cost of Hosting Websites

Steve did some research on “add-on” hosting accounts with our favorite website hosting company and discovered that one of our clients could host all of his smaller sites ads “add-on” sites under his main company site.

That particular client’s hosting bill went from $621 per year for all his sites (he had six) to $187 for all six. A saving of $434 per year, while still maintaining the high level of service from this hosting provider, snappy-quick servers with redundant locations to keep his sites safe and his online businesses running smoothly.

Ask YOUR host if “add-on” hosting accounts are an option for you!

Why Not Go With an Even Cheaper Host?

Yes, there are some hosting plans out there that “seem” cheaper. But, beware: some of them have down-time issues (which frustrate your would-be visitors and is deadly to SEO). Some have awkward back-end admin panels that are difficult to use or are limited in scope.

Some seem like a deal — until you use them and discover that what you need is missing. Most of the “cheap” hosts offer no real support at all — it’s self-serve and if you have technical questions, more advanced requirements or just need a little help, you are out of luck, or an expensive “support” plan kicks in.

Our Own Results with Website Hosting Savings

I have tried a number of website hosting services over the past 15 years and has been the best I’ve ever used. I’ve been with them for many years. The crowning achievement of this company is their customer service. I’m regularly surprised — PLEASANTLY surprised — with their responsiveness, their technical savvy and their friendly, helpful attitude. Simply put, they rock!

With this “add on” hosting feature, we are switching our account to a bigger, more “muscle-bound” hosting option and are adding eight more of our sites. This change will save us 49.51% of our hosting costs per year! (Yeah, I did the math. Shocking, isn’t it?)

Why Save Money?

It’s much easier to save money than to make it (and you don’t have to pay taxes on the money you save). As a small business owner, every local, state and federal taxing entity has its hand out for any dollar you make in your business.

I’ve decided to do my best to cut unnecessary expenses so we can have more time to work on passion projects with our clients — and our own projects — and still have time to enjoy life. If you want to find even more ways to save money, check out our post on Creative Ways for Small Business Owners to Save Money.

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