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Content-First Design at Cool Jazz

Content First design

Here at Cool Jazz Web Design we follow the philosophy of content-first design.

What Is Content-First Design?

Content-first design is design that is content driven. In other words, you have to know what the content is, BEFORE you start the design process. Many web design companies will throw up a template, a visual representation of a website and call it good. Unfortunately, the majority of websites are built this way.

That is one of the major reasons why bargain-basement websites simply don’t perform well in search results. If a website doesn’t place well in search, it’s going to fail at generating the traffic your business needs.

Usability Driven Design

Cool Jazz Web Design Studio’s goal is to get your site to perform for you, not just be a pretty face on the web. We also want it to look good and be easy for the visitor to use (intuitive design concepts). If the design frustrates your visitors, if they can’t find what they want, if viewing your site on a mobile device is difficult — it’s a failed design.

When you come in for an initial consultation with us, we usually spend around two hours, sometimes more, going over many aspects of your website design and your goals for the website and the type of business you want it to drive your way.

Hold Onto Your Assets!

One of our first questions for you will always be, what content assets do you have already? We want to make sure that you have a good grasp on what you want your website to say. What you want your visitors to know should always be front and center when a design for your website is being considered.

The words that convey the message your website is trying to deliver are extremely important. They provide much of the SEO for your website as well as preventing the ambiguities that can arise from visual forms of media.

BUT, words are not the only content assets you need to consider. Graphics, images, video and audio can all be critical components in your website design. If you have the assets available from the beginning, it makes the design process go much smoother, with much less back and forth between the developer and stakeholder — you!

Content-First Design Benefits:

  • Makes the design and implementation faster, saving you money
  • Allows for consistency in look, feel and messaging across your website
  • Makes the reason you want a website, front and center in the design process
  • It will build in SEO as the design is implemented
  • Cuts down on the back and forth between the designer and the client, increasing efficiency, saving you money

At Cool Jazz Web Design Studio, we stand above our competition by utilizing the Content-First design paradigm and responsive website builds to get you the best WORKING website that is unique to your brand and vision.

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