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June 1, 2016
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July 19, 2016

GABBF 2016: The Rain (and The Governor) Made it Better

Matt Bevin & Steve Knight

The Great American Brass Band Festival of 2016 was visited by some rain (and the Governor) this afternoon, both of which made things a little more fun.

We aren’t just sponsors of GABBF again this year — Steve is an original member of the Advocate Brass Band (started 30 years ago – which makes Steve REALLY OLD). Every year, Steve attends the festival and he’s played his trumpet at most of them. Steve may complain about getting up early most days, but he didn’t fuss a bit about getting up to play at Weisiger Park at 9 a.m. this morning — and it’s SATURDAY! It’s all about priorities, I guess 😉

We both enjoy the festival immensely, but this year we worried about the rain and hoped it would pass us on by.

When Governor Matt Bevin and his beautiful children showed up, we had the added bonus of having another opportunity to talk with our favorite politician of all time (Matt Bevin is one of the few things that Steve Knight and I agree on without exception) and it was lovely to meet some of his children.

And, when the rain did come, we all made a dash for cover as the rains soaked us.

Steve and I got some great shots of some folks avoiding the rain and drying out after getting doused. Here’s a gallery that we wanted to share of the GABBF 2016 so far. The rain didn’t seem to phase most people. We all just shook it off, looked a little damp, and kept enjoying the music! 🙂

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