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May 9, 2016
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June 1, 2016

A Tribute from a Client!

Changes for Cool Jazz Web Design Studio in Danville, KY

Earlier this week, a children’s book writer (and client) came to visit us. It was the first time she had seen our new Cool Jazz Web Design Studio in downtown Danville.

This morning, she sent us a lovely written tribute, and we just HAD to share a little portion of it with the world. Apparently she feels the inspiration here as much as we do!


Climbing up the steps leading to The Bell Tower is something we must do when we are ascending to a new height. Now the blessing and sparkles within you both quilt the sound of freedom and all its splendor that was meant to be.

The wonders of the old for the new, with the willingness to receive Divine guidance is what positions you both at the right time and place. A message that makes yourselves available to live in accordance with the Divine that lives within your tower of your hearts. The comfort zones now cuddling, wiggly-waggling with happiness within your imagination will meet with sounding bells ringing out your blessed discoveries.

Close your eyes right now and find a message that is waiting to come through. Every time you act, you add strength to the motivating idea behind what you’ve done. Cultivating a sense of fun while in the Cool spin of change, and while Jazzing it up with the perfection of the endless flows of thinking about others.

Now you will fill the hollows of the past years with beauty and stand tall with a comfort of the salty gladness of warm-hearted giggles that now fill the tower — that you claim to be your own.

Isn’t that awesome? Thank you, Josie!

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