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Serious Downtime Experienced Across the Web Today

Internet Hijack causes website downtime

This morning, April 22, 2016, several of our client’s sites experienced some downtime that resulted from issues with a major Internet backbone company. Downtime is extremely unusual for the host we recommend, so we inquired about the issue. We learned that a large hijack incident impacted not only the sites we were aware of, but hundreds of others, including Google, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Time Warner Cable, among others. The attack was a routing incident (a possible prefix hijack code) and was resolved fairly quickly.

We offer monitoring services to our clients to alert us (and them) of any outages that may occur with their websites. Since downtime negatively impacts SEO and ranking, we feel that watching hosting and website performance is imperative to our clients’ success. We also monitor to ensure that the website hosting company we recommend is performing as excellently as it has over the past decade for us and for our clients. It continues to do so.

If you have questions about your hosting, need assistance to improve your website’s visibility online, or are ready to launch or revamp your existing business website, give us a call: 859-935-1984. We would welcome the opportunity to help make your online marketing work effectively, to make sure your website is performing, and to improve your bottom line.

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