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February 24, 2016
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Custom Guitar Maker in Kentucky

Huffman & Co Custom Guitars in Central Kentucky

Huffman & Comapany Custom GuitarsWe just launched a new site for a client who creates BEAUTIFUL custom guitars right here in central Kentucky! He creates them one at a time, by hand and customizes each one to make his client’s dreams come true.

Confession Time

I love music, in particular jazz (of course!), but Steve is the musician in this office, not me. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so I don’t normally salivate over instruments. But, all that changed when I saw these works of musical art made by Scotty Huffman, guitar artist and founder of Huffman & Co Custom Guitars.

I am extremely proud to be involved with getting Scotty’s work online so other people can see what he does. These guitars are absolutely gorgeous! Heck, I want one just to hang on the office wall — in particular, I like his shiny, circa 1950s lacquered masterpieces!

Scotty’s custom guitars make me want to try and learn to play, even though I know I have absolutely no talent. You see, I’m convinced that if I could muster up even a smidgen of talent, one of these babies could magically make me sound good. Seriously. Or, maybe I could just HOLD one on a regular basis? 🙂

Tone, Music and the Important Stuff

Steve on the other hand, being a musician, is as impressed with the sound, tone and quality of these custom guitars as he is with their absolute beauty.

He really enjoyed the photo shoots we did with the instruments for Scotty’s site build.

I think the joy was because he got to get hands-on time with these sweet guitars and because he had the opportunity to take photos that show the attention to detail that Scotty puts into every instrument.

The New Site

Steve and I both enjoyed taking Scotty’s ideas and turning them into an online reality. It was an opportunity to make digital art with physical art — and that’s always gratifying.

As a bonus, I learned a lot more about guitars than I thought I would in this lifetime, and I realize how much more I’d LIKE to learn.

Scotty is extremely tolerant of newbie questions and was able to answer my questions as well as Steve’s more “in depth” questions — posed in musician-to-musician lingo that flew right over my head.

Thanks, Scotty, for trusting us to get your business online. We truly enjoy working with you!

If you are a musician in search of beautiful instruments — you should go take a look at Scotty’s new custom guitar website. Go on, take a peek. Salivate. It’s ok. 🙂


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