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February 24, 2016
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March 29, 2016

Concierge Medicine in Danville

Danville KY Doctor Makes House Calls

First, let me announce that Cool Jazz Web Design Studio is officially closed until Monday. Why? Because our own Doctor of Technology is all down and out with the flu. He’s been sick since Friday and we are hoping he will be back up sometime this next weekend. Now, with that said, let me tell you how nice it has been to have our Danville Kentucky doctor available during this.


Steve got sick and I put him to bed. He was pitiful and I hoped it was just a passing bug. Steve’s son said the hospital has seen quite a few of some kind of 24-hour bug in the ER (he’s working there part-time). I crossed my fingers and hoped it was that 24-hour variety. Steve was completely miserable.


Steve slept most of the day, and was miserable the rest of the day. Around 1 a.m. (Sunday morning), his fever spiked to over 103, and I was having a hard time getting it down. Cold compresses didn’t work, meds didn’t work, even a luke-warm shower (which made me hugely unpopular) didn’t work.

I emailed our doctor about the situation, told him that I’d just given him another dose of ibuprofen, and said I may have to call him if I couldn’t get the fever down. Within 10 minutes our doctor called me — at nearly 1:30 a.m. — to see how Steve was doing and to say that I could increase the dose to Rx strength on the ibuprofen and to tell me that pushing fluids and the other things I was doing was what Steve needed (which was reassuring to me) and that there was a 3-day virus going around and a full 5-7 day flu — and we would know soon which he had.

He told me that if I had any concerns or questions, or if he got any worse or if his fever didn’t come down with the additional medications, to call him because Steve would need to be seen. He also asked me to text him in a few hours just to let him know how Steve was doing.


I texted Dr. Jeremy Stich to let him know that Steve was doing better, but was still resisting the fluids I was asking him to drink (at least in the volume I was pushing). He said that if he couldn’t stomach the fluids, that he could give him IV fluids. I told the doctor that I’d threaten him with the needle variety if he resisted drinking again. 🙂

(That worked, btw, and Steve started drinking more and fussing less about it.)


Steve was a little more alert, but still very ill. We determined that we were not dealing with the 3-day variety of virus. He had full blown flu. More fluids, more meds, more vitamin C, more rest.


I emailed Dr. Stich because Steve’s chest was getting congested, his heart was racing, and his fever (which had been under control all day Monday) was back up to 101. Jeremy called me within minutes and said he would drop by to check on Steve.

Yeah, you heard that right… he came to US. About 20 minutes after hanging up the phone, the doctor knocked on the door. (That’s less time than it would have taken us to get into a doctor’s office — and much less time than we would have normally had to wait in any other doctor’s office before being seen — and also less time than it usually takes to sit in the “exam” room after waiting in the waiting room of any previous doctor I’ve ever used.) I’m continually amazed with the service offered any time we have needed them.

Jeremy checked his lungs, saying that they were clear (and he wanted to check him out to be sure there was no threat of pneumonia on top of the flu.) He talked with us about what to expect, what to watch for, and when we might expect improvement. Steve was able to stay in his Pajamas, didn’t have to get out feeling so lousy, and could go right back to bed after the exam.

Medical Care As It SHOULD Be

If I were living in an ideal world, THIS is the kind of medical care I would want everyone to be able to have. I’m thankful it’s available here in Danville, Kentucky. I’m thrilled we found them, and I hope anyone looking for amazing care will go in and talk with them like Steve and I did. Yes, we went in and sat down to TALK to them before we made our decision. (Of course, once we did talk to them, the decision was an easy one.)

I’m glad we signed up before we needed them, and I’m glad that they caught a few things in our initial exams and lab work that we needed to watch — but didn’t know about. I’ve been self-employed for many years and I’ve been a cash-pay client to all my medical/dental/optical care providers. I believe most things can be handled at home. I’m not a fan of drugs and to be honest until recently, I didn’t care for doctors all that much either.

To say I’m impressed with this practice would be an understatement. They are uber high-tech, super-responsive, they offer amazing service, they are affordable, and because they don’t accept insurance, they aren’t tied to giving the care that some out-of-state insurance company dictates. They treat their patients the way they (and the patient) decides is best. And, above all this, they LISTEN. They really listen to you as a patient. It’s refreshing.

Now, send some happy thoughts to my better half, if you will, for a speedy recovery — and I’ll, eventually, quit bathing myself in Germ-X every 15 minutes to avoid catching it. ‘Cause after what I’ve seen, I really REALLY don’t want it!

We will reopen on Monday, once there’s no chance we can pass this along to any clients, cause we like you guys too much to share this with you! 😀

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