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Facebook Gets a Facelift: Do More Than Just “LIKE” a Post!

Facebook Gets a Facelift

The “like” button on your facebook page just sprouted wings! You can now “Like” a post with the traditional “thumbs up” or you can LOVE a post with a heart inside a red circle, or you can Laugh at a post, say “WOW” about a post, share sadness about the post with “SAD” or get all riled up and show your ire with an “angry” option.

The new emojis became active to all users today and they can be found by hovering over the traditional and well-recognized “Like” image below a post.

There isn’t a “dislike” button as we had all hoped, but I think the wow and the angry option may helps to better categorize reactions. Personally, I always felt weird “liking” something that I felt needed notice when I didn’t LIKE what it had to say. Now there are more options.

Ok, folks… go and have fun!

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