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December 10, 2015
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February 24, 2016

Murphy Beds: Making the Most of Your Living Space

Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky

Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky

We just completed work on a new website for Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky and as we launch it, we invite you to visit the new site and see the solid-wood, Amish-made beauty of these Murphy beds. Tupper Hardman and his wife, Leslie, have recently launched their business and their website to help people in central Kentucky and surrounding areas enjoy dual-purpose rooms and smaller living spaces in luxury.

Do you have a small house? A condo? A home office that needs to serve as a guest room from time to time? Or even an office where you work late and need to “crash” from time to time? Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky can offer you a solution. Why not have everything you need in less space and with more style?

Oh, and they even offer miniature versions — a pet Murphy bed — for the fur-baby in your life! So cute. 🙂

I just love tiny houses. I like organized, multi-use spaces. I have always wanted a Murphy bed. Always. But, until I saw Tupper’s Amish Made Murphy Beds, I didn’t know how beautiful they could be… or how EASY it was to raise and lower them. I can actually use one finger to raise and lower a full-size bed. ONE FINGER. No struggling, no pulling and tugging, just perfectly spring-balanced ease! And they are comfortable! I could sleep on one of these every single night, and be loving life!

If you have ever wanted a Murphy bed of your own, if you are looking for creative ways to make your space serve you better, you should talk with Tupper. In the meantime, go over to KentuckyMurphyBeds.com and check out our latest client website — and all the options they offer for custom building a Murphy bed with matching cabinets, desk and built-ins to make your life easier — and more beautiful!

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