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November 9, 2015
Jazz the Website & Marketing Mascot Bird
And He’s Dancing…
November 25, 2015

Jazz is Back on His Feet!

Cool Jazz - Mascot Bird

Our patient is back on his feet after several “touch and go” days and nights. After what the Vet suspects was a fall from his perch, and a resulting broken lower spine, he’s healing! Right after the accident, he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t uncurl his little claws… it was pitiful.

Slowly we have seen improvement — from nearly lifeless, to pulling himself along with beak only, to walking on elbows because the feet didn’t work. We have gone from “force feeding” and “force watering” to today…

I’ll just admit now that we had little hope of ever seeing him “perch” on his food bowls again, but he did it! He was still a little unsteady, but he ate like the pablum we’ve been feeding him was truly awful (and it probably was!)

He’s still shaky, and he is prone to having a weak grip, but in a few more days we are hoping he can perch without us “hovering” to catch him when he slips and falls.

For those who called, texted and emailed to ask how he was doing — thank you! We genuinely appreciate your concern and support.

It’s amazing how quickly this little guy has wiggled into our hearts… and although he still looks a little ragged, he’s doing so much better!

Yay, Jazz! It’s so good to see you flapping wings and screeching and being so obviously proud of yourself as your mobility returns.

(We will forgive you a little bratty behavior… for now.)

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