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Kentucky Caucus Information at – We Built That!

2016 Kentucky Caucus

An Identified Need: Kentucky Caucus Information

Sometimes, when you are a web designer (and a political activist), you see a hole in information, in the general knowledge base, and a woeful lack of centralized reference materials. While trying to better understand what it meant to our fine state that the Republican primary would become a Kentucky caucus — we found that the information was difficult to find.

The Internet is a fantastic resource and should provide the desired information — right? We think so. No voter should have to struggle to become informed.

How and Why We Filled the Need

As a result of our struggles to find information on the 2016 Kentucky Caucus, we decided to gather all that information up in one location ourselves and this became! Voila!

So if you need to get a little more informed, check out our new site and learn:

  • The difference between a Kentucky Primary and the Kentucky Caucus
  • Which Candidates are participating in the Kentucky Caucus
  • Deadlines for the Kentucky Caucus and Events
  • County locations for Kentucky Caucus Voting
  • Timeline for the 2016 Kentucky Presidential Caucus

If you need or want any additional information on this first-ever Kentucky Presidential Caucus in 2016, just let us know and we will get it for you and post it on the site. Providing quality digital information is what we do!

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