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December 7, 2014
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April 20, 2015

WordPress 4.1 – It’s All About the Jazz

Dinah Washington, Jazz Singer

The latest version of WordPress (version 4.1) has been named “Dinah” in honor of Dinah Washington,  a 1950’s jazz darling. Aside from the great name, this version of WordPress also offers distraction free writing — an option we really like here at Cool Jazz Web Design and a feature we expect our blogging clients to love!

Additional features of this version include:

  • Log Out From Everywhere – No more “oh crap” moments when you can’t remember if you remembered to log out before you left your computer.
  • Plugin Suggestions – WordPress now makes suggestions on plugins you may want to try.
  • Many Languages – The new version is already translated into over 40 languages — and that number is always growing!

Once you have upgraded your WordPress — or asked us to do it for you — be sure and check all your plugins for any conflicts and then sit back and listen to a little Dinah Washington, as she sings I’ve Got You Under My Skin (featuring Maynard Ferguson — one of Steve’s ALL time favorite trumpet master!) Enjoy!

Don’t have a WordPress Site? Need one? Give us a call!:859-935-1984.

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