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December 7, 2014

How to Add a Background Photo to Your LinkedIn Profile

Tweak Your LinkedIn for Business Branding

Social media is a wonderful way to expand the reach of your business. But making yourself stand out isn’t always easy. Now, LinkedIn is expanding beyond a cookie-cutter profile and is offering a little more personalization. Do you want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out a bit more? Want to brand it? Here’s how to add a background image to your LinkedIn profile:

  • Log into your LinkedIn Account
  • Click PROFILE at the top of the page and select “EDIT PROFILE” from the drop down menu
  • Look for an icon with a camera inside a circle between the top LinkedIn navigation and your profile information (you may have to roll over the area for it to appear)
  • Click on the camera icon and select a photo from your computer
  • LinkedIn will automatically crop the photo to fit, but you can adjust it by “grabbing it” with your mouse (hold down the left mouse button to “click” on the image you just uploaded and pull it up or down until you are happy with the result.

Never miss an opportunity to personalize and brand your social media accounts for your business. Details matter!


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