Dramatic Results & Personal Service

Cool Jazz Web Design Studio is a boutique website developer and marketing agency. We select our clients carefully and work only with those businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who share our customer care philosophy.
Simply put, we appreciate our clients as much as they appreciate their own.
This philosophy offers us something in common with our clients from the beginning… and that is a great place to start a business relationship!



Website design is an art... but it goes deeper than that. Creating your website is a labor of love, one we perform by hand from concept to launch and beyond. Superior websites perform well in search, so your customers can find you. Excellent websites are responsive to the device your visitor is using from a cell phone to a super-sized monitor, because you need to look good on every device! Intuitive navigation is a priority, to make it easy for your visitors to find what they need. We help you achieve your online goals with original content, organic SEO, beautiful design, and fast performance -- so you, your website, and your business will outperform the competition.

We put you first. Unlike other web designers, we do not accept competing clients. So, if you are one of our clients, you can rest assured that we are working just for you. We won't accept any new clients who may be in direct competition with you. That's our policy. So, you can be certain when we say, "We are going to do our best to get the results you want and to help you rise above the competition" ... we mean it!


Sometimes what you need most is experienced advice. We can help. Many of our clients make us their "first stop" when they have a question about business growth, marketing, technical inquiries, and general questions about how to do something better, easier or faster. Sometimes it's a quick answer. Sometimes it's a bit more involved, and requires a training session. Being an essential resource for our clients is incredibly rewarding. Go ahead, put us on speed dial!


Want to be more self-sufficient? Need the ABCs of how to handle your WordPress website? Want to get the most out of your hardware and software? Need some advice on how to handle digital media? We offer technical training delivered in an easy-to-understand format. Prefer to learn face-to-face? Great! Give us a call. We have been helping people manage and master their technology for years!


Need product photography for your website? Want Drone video and photography? Have an event to document? Want to convert family heirloom video and photos into digital formats? Want your website to sparkle with full-motion HD video and photography? Creating multi-media presentations online and offline can be a challenge. We have the experience, the equipment and the technical knowledge you need.


Although we no longer work with overseas clients, we do work with clients in multiple locations (and in multiple states). Here at home we focus our on-site visits with clients in and around the following central/southern Kentucky locations:


No Offshoring / No Outsourcing


Cool Jazz Web Design doesn't outsource our work (we never have). We do it all in-house. Your website is hand-crafted by experienced artists who specialize in effective communication. Part of that is visual, part of it is content, part of it is marketing, and part of it is clean, professional programming. All of it is about improving your business' visibility and making it easy for customers to choose you over your competition.


We keep it personal. There are no crazy, multi-level automated telephone menus to wade through to talk to us. English is our native language. We strive to remove all communication barriers so our clients can enjoy easy, effective communication. As a client, you will get our personal cell phone numbers (in addition to the business number). When you have a questions, we answer them personally. When we have questions, we call you -- we don't assume.


Like you, we believe good business is built on relationships and we nurture them. We are not a "middle man" to the content you need and the programming your site requires. It's done here, in house, by us, in our Kentucky offices. We promise to partner with you and help you realize your online dreams.


Our custom-crafted, SEO-friendly content is produced by a professional writer with over 25 years of experience writing effective web content and developing beautiful, optimized graphics. We ensure that your site won't look like anyone else's. It's custom made for you and your needs.

And function? Our sites function beautifully! Don't be fooled by the empty promises of TV-ad "do it yourself" website companies that promise you an easy DIY website in a few hours. These sites do one thing well... they take your money. "Build it and they will come" works in the movies when you are talking about baseball, but it doesn't work for websites. To get eyes on your website, you have to know how to get traction on Google. Those "too good to be true" sites don't offer traction. They don't help your business grow.

On the other hand... Google (and other search engines) love our sites... almost as much as our clients and their customers do!

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In this business, we are often asked for recommendations on products, services and providers. Feel free to call us for recommendations to help make running your business easier.
Here are a couple important ones to get you started: